Program Development

The specific requirements of each project are identified through careful consideration of the client's functional and organizational objectives as well as budgetary and scheduling considerations.

Spatial Planning

Drawings are prepared for the client's review indicating various layouts appropriate to the space involved including preliminary recommendations for furniture and flooring.

Design Development

Once a plan has been approved by the client, we proceed with the full development of the design including:
  • Furnishing layout and custom furniture design with special integration of cabinet work, millwork, and background treatments.
  • Lighting design, with particular attention to spatial definition, functional needs and integration with furnishing design.
  • Selection of materials, finishes, furnishing and accessories based on scale, color, texture and form.
  • Specialty design, including custom design of mirror and metal work, water walls and fountains, sound systems and displays.

Documents, Budgets, and Estimates

All contract documents required to complete the project are prepared. Construction furnishings and materials costs are reviewed with budgetary requirements in mind.