Basic Services

Schematic Design

In the schematic phase we review the project requirements, analyze the site, and prepare a series of sketches showing alternative approaches to solving design problems.

Design Development

After a thorough review of the design alternatives, and a selection is made, we prepare a more detailed study of the design, with attention paid to the refinement of the design, selection of materials, and the details of construction.

Construction Documents

After a final review of the design development ideas, we prepare detailed construction drawings and specifications for the project. The documents serve as the basis of the contract with the builder, and are used for filing and obtaining the permit from the local building department.


We assist in locating bidders for the project and aid in negotiating a contract with the selected bidder.

Contract Administration

Once construction commences, we make periodic visits to the site, answer questions, and endeavor to guard you against deficiencies of the contractor. We also negotiate price for extra work, and review applications for payment from the contractor.

Additional Services

Along with the Basic Services noted above, D'Amore Design Studio offers many other services to clients with more complex projects.

Site Analysis and Inspection

We will visit a vacant site or an existing building to review its suitability to meet your project goals.

Existing Conditions Analysis

For additions, alterations and renovation projects we measure all of the parts of the building to be affected by the renovation, check building department records when necessary, and prepare scaled drawings showing all existing conditions. For many small projects the cost for this service is included in the fee.

Predesign and Programming

We will meet with you to help in analyzing complex goals, to aid in assigning priorities, and in organizing a building program. A product of this service would be a written program with room areas for assigned activities, such as for a school, church, or commercial or industrial building.

Cost Estimating and Feasibility Analysis

Should a client prefer a feasibility analysis for a project based on expected costs, we will work with current cost figures from similar projects to develop order of magnitude estimates of potential costs.

Master Planning

Should a client wish to develop only one segment of a long range project we will work to analyze the property's potential and develop alternative schemes for sequencing the development from economical and architectural viewpoints.

Renderings and Models

Once a design scheme is selected by the client, renderings and/or models can be prepared to suit many different budgets. Renderings may range from pencil sketches rendered with furniture and shadows to pen and ink drawings and full color paintings. Models can be produced of many materials to illustrate the three dimensional interrelationships of volumes and buildings.